neu 2About Kopie
My name is Soufeina Hamed. I am a German-Tunisian self-taught comic artist and illustrator.
I studied Psychology (B.Sc.) at the University of Potsdam and Intercultural Psychology (M.Sc.) at the University of Osnabrueck.
During my studies I worked as a part time illustrator, worked in different projects and contributed to various exhibitions. (see projects)

At an early age, I had recognised that me being religious in my everyday life was different and therefore irritating for the majority of the German society. I found comic art to be a suitable medium for creating dialogue and empathy by using honesty, sensitivity and humour.

Non-art-related projects that I was involved in
Juma Project
Junge Islam Konferenz
Zahnräder Netzwerk
Bürgernetzwerk Bildung VBKI
ADR Fellowship
Network Inclusion Leadership
AICGS Fellowship

Fun fact
The name Tuffix was originally created by some school mates as one of my countless nicknames, then used as a user name on Deviantart and finally got stuck as my official artist’s name.