Actually I wanted to REALLY print my scarf.

… even if it is so hard to get up for morning prayer “Fajr” sometimes, especially in winter.

This was inspired by a library in Berlin where you used to find a prayer-rug in a corner behind the stairs. Especially in exam time,…

No, not this time. It is Quran-recitation. The words in Arabic belong to the first sure (chapter) of the Quran: “Al-Fatiha”. You read: “…Maliki yawmi…

A rather unspectacular work. It was done for a homepage for muslimas. It was also used for a “Ramadan and Diabetes” – guide by the…

Three main companions: Water, dates and the holy Quran.

Rather paradox: Deliverance through prohibition.

Sometimes..I wanna be a child again.

… sometimes that’s what I’d like you say to my mind. It broods over everything – too exhausting!

In 2009, when I had finally finished my exams I could barely sleep for 4 months or more. I was always thinking about my future….

This has no deeper meaning. It was just fun to draw.

This is the very first Manga comic I have ever drawn. It was created for contest. It was translated into German, French and Spanish by…

This was drawn as a profile picture for the website tuffix.deviantart.com  

Some people just make you feel like you’re an alien.

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