I have started an exciting project on instagram: I invite you to remember the last time you were deeply touched or saddened or full of laughter. Share that moment/incident with me (on IG, fb or mail to hello@tuffix.net). I will pick a few to make comics out of them (and of course tag you if you don’t mind). So that we co-create stories that can strengthen our empathy and understanding and eventually bring us all closer to each other.

The following comic is based in Arzu’s story. Thank you for sharing your beautiful story! May you be successful and blessed inshallah!

It was challenging to draw since it’s a complex internal thought process (although it might seem simple first). Also, because as a psychologist myself I might have used too many technical terms in the beginning (my private editor aka husband helped though). Btw, I remember to have had the exact same feelings about the exact same scientist at university back then.
I hope I managed to depict the story as truthful and clear as possible.