Germany is in an ambivalent state. Right-wing parties and populists have gained much more power in the past years. That’s why it was so beautiful to see so many people protesting against hatred on the #unteilbar demonstration, last week. 40k people were expected but 240k attended eventually! 

It was beautiful and in the same time I was sharing friend’s thoughts, especially @anja.saleh ‘s thoughts who said that this can only be a first step and that we need more. It is great to go on the streets and show your solidarity, it is so beautiful. Unfortunately it’s so much more difficult to change a system of discrimination.

Today’s comic is based on @_saidhaider’s story (thank you for sharing again! I wish I could have emphasized more how the owner reinvited them only out of oppurtunism – indeed he lost a lot of clients).

I decided to pick it for the next comic to remind us all on how it looks like to speak up against injustice. How oftentimes it means paying with your own privileges. I hope one time we will reach that state where we would not only do that for a friend or a team mate but for a stranger, too. And not only in the club but in the workplace, in public etc. Just because it’s the right thing to do.