We can do it, too

I know there are some “Muslim” versions of Howard Miller’s artwork. However, I just felt like doing my own one.

Enjoy difference

Sometimes, I stand in the subway station looking around and wondering about all those different people. Some are talking in Turkish, some in French and others use an Asian language I cannot even identify. I wish more people would enjoy differences as much as I do.

The other day in the pharmacy

Based on a real story (partially): My lovely sister is pharmacist and once there was a lady who really started talking like that. In reality, my sister and all her (non-muslim) colleagues were shocked and no one could react or think about a suitable reaction. Some days later, a colleague of her came and told […]

Be part of it

This was done for a German youth magazine called cubemag. In eng: Let’s be part of sosciety – an indispensable one.


I actually like rain… really.

European Muslim

Tariq Ramadan, a well know Muslim academic and wirter, once said: “I am Swiss by nationality, Egyptian by memory, Muslim by religion, European by culture, universalist by principle.”

V for veil

This was done for an initiative against the hijab ban. Concept by Ahmed Darwish, drawing by me.


Some people just make you feel like you’re an alien.