As some of you might know, my digital journey as an artist had started on It is an amazing place full of creative people, who love, make and share art in all its facets. Six years ago, I had decided to engage in this great community. I enjoyed the feedback of various people all over the world and it was due to deviantart that I managed to actually start earning some pocket money with my artwork. Three years later, I wanted to reach a German audience since most of my comics refer to the life in Germany. Again, I had decided to enter a whole new community: facebook. And again, I was overwhelmed by all the positive feedback, the support and the cooperations that this community offered to me.

And now, I took an other step. Over a year ago, a very awesome designer (having come at the perfect time with the perfect skill, with “patience” probably being the biggest one of them) encouraged me to realize a dream that I had in mind for a long time: Building my own website. Thanks, Serkan Zararsiz!

And here it is. After months (more than I had expected) of working on it on a very irregular basis: It is not perfect but it is here.
I hope you enjoy!


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