Not Ready

I am not ready for fall, let alone winter ? My body is not and my mind neither. And let‘s not talk about all the Christmas cookies in the stores or I‘m gonna cry. . Used Clip Studio on the Ipad for the very first time and I‘m quite impressed!

Potty Parity

Two years ago, I watched a Ted Talk about sexism in architecture and how the shortage of ladies’ rooms is one of its symptoms. Male needs are the standard. Since then, every time I use a public washroom, I feel the urge to start a feminist restroom revolution ? And yes: Every. Single. Time.

Mi amor

It’s just so tempting. Some fun with a spontaneous idea I had in the morning. I know it’s the cutest swear word you could find in that series 😉


I am one of those people who rarely listen to Music ?. I was never able to work or study with headphones on, especially not if it’s a song. Instrumental pieces may sometimes be an exception. And when I draw I may listen to Quran recitation or audiobooks. It’s not that I don’t like music. I […]

Just read

Mood after crazy times. #weeklydrawing

Lazy Sunday

I have decided to start a #weeklydrawing challenge. These weekly drawings will be of different levels of quality. It might be detailed drawings, elaborate comics or just quick sketches. The thing is: I want to get rid of this fear of the blank paper that has creeped into my head making me think: Only a […]


Workshop is over. I am back home. But home is not Berlin anymore. Because: I followed my heart to Dublin! ? I am falling in love with Ireland and can’t wait to explore all its beauties. Please let me know if you ever come visit!


Most of you must have guessed the content of the next comic 🙂 I am so deeply grateful for having found my soulmate ❤️ – alhamdulillah. And for having had the chance to celebrate this new chapter with our families and dearest friends. You made the day perfect! Thanks so much to all of you! For coming, for […]


In January 2014, I had the honor to give a lecture about comics/cartoons and political commitment in Darmstadt, Germany! A few years back, if you’d told me that I would be talking about my hobby in front of total strangers I would have laughed so hard. I’m so glad about all those oppurtinities, lately (: […]


Sorry for this shallow comic, you already know the reason..


Just a quick drawing, because I felt it’s been a while since I uploaded some new artwork. Guess why 😉