My weakness

A quick drawing that might remind you of some former works.

Losing ground

Drawn after I had had my final exam at highschool.

Sorrows of a young Muslimah II

This one is a big Hijabi-Insider. You know, if you don’t wear your headscarf correctly it’s possible that some hair sticks out from the side which can drive you crazy, at least me and my sister.

The truth is..

As a psychologist you always deny it, but in fact.. you can’t stop your thoughts! Especially when you just had an exam about psychiatric disorders.

Alternative saturday night

You know, when I first went to college, I realized that I had one little disadvantage compared to my fellow students: I had to make contacts in college or on the way back home while the others (most of them) met at parties or in bars. I’m glad I found great people who respect my […]

Save the…

food. Sometimes I’m sorry for my mom. I always blame her for not asking before littering food.


It’s better for your health, your purse and the environment (; I love my bike.


I love (sweet) breakfast. I could have breakfast all day long.

Bad hijab day

It’s not just about choosing the right color, that fits best to your clothes. It’s about “a perfect shape, a symmetrical arch to frame my face. That means no creases, no flops, no thread pulls.” (as it’s written in the very inspiring book: “Does my head look big in this?” by Randa Abdel-Fattah.

“Take a rest”

… sometimes that’s what I’d like you say to my mind. It broods over everything – too exhausting!

Spoilt for choice

In 2009, when I had finally finished my exams I could barely sleep for 4 months or more. I was always thinking about my future. It was so hard to find the most suitable study program and I envied people who always had a special aim. In the end, I decided quite spontaneously and studied […]