Trying out a new coloring technique and sending out a message at the same time: Make sure to vote, dear German friends! . Federal elections will be held in Germany on 24 September. Looking at disastrous results of other countries we need to make sure that the far-right party AFD won’t win seats in the […]

Rock deinen Rock

Sometimes, I don’t keep thinking about how to realize a drawing idea very long. I just do it, although I have a never ending to do list and exceeded deadlines waiting for me. But as soon as I saw this event I felt I needed to support: https://www.facebook.com/events/1682690835286387/ It’s a campaign aiming to protest against […]

Smells like…

The German top court has made this friday a very happy one. Especially for all my Muslim sisters who were dreaming of becoming teachers.


I pray for Deah, Yusor and Razan. I pray for their families. And I pray for justice. May there be less hate in this world. (You know, for me, this is not about “some” tragic incident that “just” happened to “some” Muslim family “somewhere” in the US. There are countless tragedies everyday. However, this incident […]

Turn around

Um.. how about turning around? I.Am.Sick.Of.Hearing/Reading.That. This is not just about demonstrations but any kind of “explicit denunciation” (which I have a problem with anyway considering global issues..).

Bad sign

Sometimes, having too much “inspiration” is a bad sign… Btw, I know there is much more horrible stuff going on in the world. These are just topics that affect me personally.


There are more and more populist far-right groups organizing public demonstrations against “immigration”, “islamization” etc. in various German cities. Some politicians call them “neo-nazis in pinstripe suits”, however, our Federal Interior Minister emphasized the need to care about these people’s concerns… What about MY concerns..? *PEGIDA = Patriotic Europeans against the Islamization of the Occident […]

Helpless and useless

I don’t like talking about politics. I wonder if that is because of cowardice to express an opinion or because of the belief that the real circumstances will never be obvious anyway. Maybe it’s both. And mabye – I admit, it’s sluggishness, too.

Keep it up

Although I’m not a fan of driving cars: Women must have the right to do so! Just a very quick drawing to support the protest action of Saudi driving women.