Maybe constantly reminding ourselves of the kindness we receive but also the one we have inside us is the only way for us overcome all this hate around us. It really doesn’t take much to stand up for the good or to brighten someone else’s day. This is based on a true story by a […]

Eid decor

It’s difficult to feel festive on Eid when the society you live in is not celebrating. It is the first Eid my husband and I are not in big family gatherings. A good friend of mine once said: Sometimes you have to create yourself the things that are missing (love to the inspiring Kübra Gümüsay). […]

Ramadan finish

It’s crazy how the stomach gets used to fasting for 18 hours in Ramadan but as soon as it knows we can eat again after Ramadan finishes it starts complaining in the morning already. #weeklydrawing

The Fight

One of my biggest struggles: Keeping the balance. In this sense, I wish all my Christian and Jewish friends happy holidays and (everyone else, too) many peaceful and heartful and – if you like – spiritual moments. We need them more than ever.

Last day

.. of our holy month Ramadhan. Wish you all a happy Eid already (:

Are you ready? II

Happy Ramadhan to all Muslims! May Allah bless you in this holy mounth.

Welcome back

Although we will need to fast around 17 hours, I am sure the vast majority of Muslims around the world is so much looking forward to this month: Welcome back, Ramadan!

Worry ends when faith begins

Done for the German youth magazine cubemag. Reading Quran is considered a worship service. For me it’s always relaxing and comforting. Even though I have some problems reading Arabic textes, reciting Quran is so simple for me, subhanallah (=Glorious is God). It’s a very harmonic and poetic and rhythmic text, which we read with a […]

The last minute

…before Iftar (fast-breaking) is the best 😀 She is eating a date, since this is how Muslims usually break their fasting. Done for the Muslim youth magazine cubemag.

Personal conversation

The Dua (supplication) is a personal conversation with God. There is nobody between you and Him. It is a very uplifting, liberating, empowering, and transforming conversation, a daily source of energy, that can be done at any time. And it’s important to not only do Duas during times of difficulty.

10 minutes yoga

In college I used to look for calm places and corners, where I caould make my daily prayers. Muslims do pray 5 times a day and the time of prayer depends on the position of the sun. Since the sun sets earlier in winter, the interval between the prayers is very short. My fellow students […]

Sarah – comic

This old comic is based on a true story. It was told by Amr Khaled, a popular islamic television preacher, years ago. Here is the original video in Arabic and here you can read the story in English.