Sketches of a trip to NYC in 2015.

Drawings of a trip to the Portuguese capital in January 2015. Very much recommended!

Drawings of a short trip to the French capital in March 2014.

Drawings of a short trip to Istanbul in April 2014.

Travel sketches of my most exceptional journey so far. It was the most challenging to draw, too.

In April 2014, I left for my very first spiritual trip; I did the so called “small pilgrimage”. I was looking forward to kind of…

A city where orient and occident meet – or well: met.

If you ever visit my home city, let me know (: It was hard to decide what to draw. Berlin is so diverse! Inspired by…

Some drawings of a very short but very very amazing trip to Venice. That city is just so beautiful!

Drawings of a trip to North Sea in May 2013.

Although I’m from a metropolis myself (Berlin), London was a totally different experience. It felt like multiculturalism has reached an other level there. I couldn’t…

I was preparing for my first London trip.

As every year I visit Tunisia in the summer. This year it was pretty late, more spontaneous and short: Only one week. However it was…

Some impressions of my Bosnia Trip last week. We went to Travnik, Sarajewo, Mostar and Srebrenica. Amazing country with a very sad history.

Preparing for my first trip to Bosnia.