I have created a colouring book ? about what it means to stay home 🙂

It helps children understand that they are not alone in this situation, that other kids don‘t go to school, to the playground or their grandma, as well. That they also have to videocall their loved ones and that mom has to work from home so they cannot disturb her too much etc.

You can buy the pdf in this store: www.westayhome.net. It is available in both ??????? and ?????? . If you want it to be special you can even order a ✨custom version✨!

You will also find free colouring illustration on the page.

Additionally, we are donating 10% to the Berlin Children Protection Sevice as conflicts at home are growing during these times ?

It was fun to work on this project, I have learned a lot! 
The idea is to offer something valuable in these days but also maybe compensate a tiny bit the lost revenue (since many workshops and conferences were cancelled). 

Feel free to share! And: Feedback is welcome!


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