I have created a colouring book ? about what it means to stay home 🙂

It helps children understand that they are not alone in this situation, that other kids don‘t go to school, to the playground or their grandma, as well. That they also have to videocall their loved ones and that mom has to work from home so they cannot disturb her too much etc.

You can buy the pdf in this store: www.westayhome.net. It is available in both ??????? and ?????? . If you want it to be special you can even order a ✨custom version✨!

You will also find free colouring illustration on the page.

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A few days ago, I created a little Ramadan Memory Game for my nephews and nieces. I realized: Why not share it with you? Maybe some of you will be happy to play something with your little ones. It’s a great way to start a conversation about the holy month and get them excited 🙂 Ramadan mubarak!

Download the template by filling out the form and clicking “send download link”, print it twice on a thicker paper (or glue 2 papers together, so nobody can see through) and cut the squares.

Wait 2019 is over? Already? How…? Is it also too late to review 2019? Well, we’re still in January (2020! Oh man..) so let’s do this.

The bad news: 2019 was probably the year I got the least personal projects done – I barely posted new comics on instagram or my website 🙁 BUT: The main reason was that I wanted to grow in my business and my client work. And I was blessed with some beautiful projects… 

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Die “Muslimischen Kulturtage” sind eine vom Senat in Berlin geförderte Veranstaltungsreihe, die vom 19. – 22. September 2019 stattfanden. Innerhalb dieser Tage wurde ein breites kulturelles Programm auf die Beine gestellt, welches die Vielfältigkeit der Berliner Muslimischen Communities repräsentierte und nicht-muslimische BürgerInnen Berlins dazu einlud, das muslimische Leben und die kulturelle Vielfalt kennen zu lernen. Für die Erarbeitung des Konzepts und Durchführung der Muslimischen Kulturtage haben sich VertreterInnen unterschiedlicher muslimischer Gemeinden und gemeindeunabhängige muslimische Personen zusammengefunden.

Soufeina war selbst zweifach vertreten: Einmal als ausstellende Künstlerin in der Blogfabrik und einmal am Abend des selbigen Tages als Graphic Recorderin.

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Dear followers and friends,

The first half of 2018 has passed and here I am: Not keeping my promise to share an update quarterly. Instead, this is gonna be an update of the past half year! Well, that’s better than nothing, right?

The past six months have been full of personal and professional milestones.

Back to the Roots
First things first: My biggest personal change in 2018 so far: We moved to Berlin! The city I have lived in most of my life. Dublin was home for exactly 1 year (for me, 7 for my husband). It was an emotional goodbye for me, mostly because Dublin was a safe, cozy and friendly bubble. Read my comic about it here. Now we are living the freelancer life as my husband created his own digital marketing agency. So far it works well, we don’t hate each other yet haha. We try to organize our days by starting the day with a “team meeting” and by respecting each others work time (as much as possible…) . There are still moving boxes in our apartment but we are slowly feeling home in this new place. Designing the new place is both joy and stress – I take hours/days/weeks to decide which pillow case to buy. Yep, I am a perfectionist. A perfectionist with a pinterest addicition.
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Dear followers and friends,

To be honest, when I created this blog three years ago I was not very sure how to handle it. I was not sure what to share, how often I would share etc. With all those social media platforms, facebook, instagram, deviantart – who would be even interested in reading a text here?

But I decided to use this space wisely, now: I want to write reviews every quarter of the year. This is for all those who are interested in having an overview of what is happening with my art. And it is for myself since I believe that regularly looking back and acknowledging what has happened will help me to move forward more strategically, more passionately.

Since my last blog post have been uploaded such a long time ago, this first review will be on the year 2017. The next one will be about the first quarter of 2018, the second post about the second quarter etc.

So, 2017 has been a very exciting and rewarding year. I have made huge changes privately and professionally and I have not regretted any of them so far.
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Time flies and my life feels like a chaos.Salam-Schalom 1b
A positive chaos, although my body is giving me signals by muting me – my voice is gone for three days now.

So, here’s some news: I quit my job to start a new one in Berlin –  back to the roots. This means: Moving within less then 3 weeks – a challenge that won’t prevent me by following my artistic career.

The 3 most interesting news for now:
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2015-05-25 11.56.20Next stop: German Protestant Church Day (DEKT), on June 5. I will be sharing my experiences on a discussion panel about “Approaches and obstacles of interreligious learning”.


11169139_10206401917863852_464424646_nThese last few weeks were extremely exciting for me. I am so grateful to have the oppurtunity to travel around in order to show my work and talk about it. Alhamdulillah (Thank God). So here are my highlights:

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Hamburg Neueinrichtung_tuffixLife is unpredictable, subhanallah (“Glory be to God”, said when you’re impressed by something). Sometimes you’re trying so hard to reach a specific point in life and although you keep pushing persistently it won’t work. It won’t work because it’s not the time yet. And because something else was planned for you, something that comes to you so easily, you won’t understand how and why.
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After having presented some artworks at the concert against racism in the Lagerhalle Osnabrück on Friday, I had the pleasure to visit Vienna for 25 hours for an empowerment-comic-workshop. It was so much fun!
Thanks once again to the organizers, hosts and to every participant who came and shared her story. I love every single comic strip that you’ve created and I really hope we will see your results, soon (:

More impressions.

In Vienna – (c) Sichtwechsel


In the “Lagerhalle” – (c) Thomas Wübker

I am very excited to visit the Austrian capital for the first time. I will be leading a workshop for young women as part of an empowerment project called “Sichtwechsel”!


Leaving for the “Diocese of Trier” tomorrow to teach religion teachers how to use comics in schools. Not sure if I am going to tell them the right things but let’s see. Looking forward to it!

I have been featured in the Danish newspaper “Weekendavisen”, last weekend. I don’t understand a single word (though you can guess a lot when you know the German language) but the interview was quite pleasant so I naively expect no nasty surprises.


As some of you might know, my digital journey as an artist had started on deviantart.com. It is an amazing place full of creative people, who love, make and share art in all its facets. Six years ago, I had decided to engage in this great community. I enjoyed the feedback of various people all over the world and it was due to deviantart that I managed to actually start earning some pocket money with my artwork. Three years later, I wanted to reach a German audience since most of my comics refer to the life in Germany. Again, I had decided to enter a whole new community: facebook. And again, I was overwhelmed by all the positive feedback, the support and the cooperations that this community offered to me.

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