No matter how many obstacles people put in your way, how much they try to silence you because you don’t fit to their definition of success or whatever: Be yourself, speak up, follow your passion. This comic is based on my friend Nilgün Akinci gloomy but empowering story. Thank you for sharing this ❤ You know, […]

Back to Black

When my brilliant friend Emine Aslan shared her thoughts on wearing black in one of her posts I immediately knew I wanted to draw them. Because I can relate 100%: It took me long to understand that avoiding black was not me thinking “it doesn’t suit me” – I just didn’t want to evoke specific stereotypical images. […]


Germany is in an ambivalent state. Right-wing parties and populists have gained much more power in the past years. That’s why it was so beautiful to see so many people protesting against hatred on the #unteilbar demonstration, last week. 40k people were expected but 240k attended eventually!  It was beautiful and in the same time […]


My instagram followers voted: Here is the next comic of the series that from now on is called “Slices of Life” (name suggestion y @sabir_ansari). This comic is based on a cute story by my friend Tasneem, an extremely smart and funny lady from Dublin who is also a super talented poet!


Comic based on a story by “Zainab Zizi” (who by the way, the kids don’t call Miss since they address all adults on first name basis). Thank you for sharing this little reminder. I love raising awareness on how these “microgestures” can change the way we live together. There’s so much power in thoughtfully chosen […]

In the Bus

I heard this story months ago and laughed so hard, I just had to draw it. Thank you Jess Connor for sharing this cute observation! And thank you little anonymous girl 🙂 I wish we all could be more aware of what we have.


This one is inspired by @the.mean.jean ! Thank you so much for sharing your experience It’s interesting how the allegedly “neutral” school often is the setting … By the way, I hope you like the color change. If you are new to my page: Check out my other comics and if you like: Share your […]

Names II

Yay, finally the next comic is here. This is based on a true story by Esma, Melissa, Isra, Najah, Sara, Hiba and Lejla. I heard about this when I gave the comic workshop in Vienna. I found the story so cute that I had to ask if I can make it into a comic. It […]

I speak

This is to all the women out there who stand up and speak out.


Comic based on a story by someone who prefers to stay anonymous (only revealing the last name here ?).Thank you so much for sharing! It’s so interesting to think about the way we call ourselves and others, the way we internalize things, find excuses, get lazy or show respect towards ourselves and others etc. To […]


Beautiful and cute story by Serpil. Thank you so much for sharing it! May you have a successful and blessed life and inspire even more people! Result of my Project: #story4tuffix where I invite my followers to share stories that I turn into comics. The goal: cocreate stories that strengthen our empathy and understanding.


I have started an exciting project on instagram: I invite you to remember the last time you were deeply touched or saddened or full of laughter. Share that moment/incident with me (on IG, fb or mail to I will pick a few to make comics out of them (and of course tag you if […]


Maybe constantly reminding ourselves of the kindness we receive but also the one we have inside us is the only way for us overcome all this hate around us. It really doesn’t take much to stand up for the good or to brighten someone else’s day. This is based on a true story by a […]